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Women & Girls Education International

Women & Girls Education International


About Us

Despite many struggles and milestones of success, worldwide, one in three women face violence, with disparate numbers in underserved areas and among disenfranchised populations, from Asbury Park, NJ USA, to Kampala, Uganda, and many places in between. It is estimated that women make up two-thirds of the world's 771 million illiterate adults. Education is key to validating the power that communities, and particularly girls and women, already possess.

Women and Girls’ Education (WAGE) International's hope is that by inspiring girls and boys and women and men to embrace who they are and to instill in them the confidence they deserve, we can help overcome violence and in turn, create stronger and more sustainable communities. WAGE is a New Jersey-based group that works with local and global organizations through community networking to raise awareness, support, and develop educational resources toward this cause.